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Hi Folks,

I really need some help with this problem and will appreciate any assistance you can provide. Thanks in advance.

Recently my 1997 Triumph Thunderbird's fan began running more frequently. I bought it used a couple of years ago, and the fan hardly ever ran. I point this out only if it might be related to the real problem outlined below.

The last time I rode the bike, oil began puking out from the right-side cylinder at the top of the crankshaft. It oozed slowly out when the bike was idling and it poured out when it was moving down the road.

My guess is that the gasket is no good, but I'm not real sure and thought I would ask here. If you need more info...let me know.

Again, thanks in advance for your assistance.

Lubbock, TX

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You say "at the top of the crankshaft" - just want to clarify you are talking about the gasket midway up the ribbed section of the engine. On the back of the engine, it's just below the rubber intakes joining the carbs to the engine.

If so, that is indeed the head gasket and yes, as Slinky says, it's blown. Apart from the external oil leak, the coolant and oil could be leaking into each other and into the cylinder bores. Water in the oil looks grey/white and emulsified. If you take the tank off and inspect the coolant expansion chamber, you may see oil floating on top of the coolant.

Either way, it's likely that the fan coming on more frequently is a symptom of the blown gasket.

I believe the cylinder head removal can be done with the engine in situ - you will of course need to drain both coolant and oil (since they are possibly contaminated, you would be changing them out anyway).

Good luck!
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