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MCN Motorcycle Show at Excel

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I bought my tickets this week but looking at the exhibitors list I don't see Triumph. A mistake or are they really not attending?

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On 2007-01-17 08:56, doodledog wrote:
Ally pally was last weekend so we missed it, exel is begining of Feb so if we are going thats the one, I will probably go on sat the 3rd.

Ally Pally Opening Times

Friday 26th-10-8pm
Saturday 27th 9.30-6pm
Sunday 28th 9.30-6pm

Door opens at 9am
OK so what show was last weekend I am getting very confusedwith all these winter shows?
Ally Pally is the wrong side of London for me - easy enough to get to early in the morning, but a real [email protected]@rd to get back from (I'm from Sussex).
And the parking is pants!
Mind you they get plenty of people in through the door, so many that a couple of years ago the public walkways actually became grid-locked!

The manufacturers stands were basic to say the least, with only the best selling stuff on display and nowt for learners. I took my son there to look at what learner bikes were available, and between there big four jap stands there were...............none. When I pointed this out to the 3 wise monkeys on the Yamaha stand, they looked at me as if I was mad. It's the great British bike industry all over again!!!

I'll be giving Excel a go this year, I'm going up on the Sunday :)
And out of BMW, Ducati and KTM what learner bikes will there be at Excel?

I hope the Excel show pans out but I think there will not be enough manufacturers to make it appealing.
Not a problem this time round, my son was so unimpressed with the manufacturers attitudes towards learners that he opted for a car!
21 - 25 of 25 Posts
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