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MCN Motorcycle Show at Excel

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I bought my tickets this week but looking at the exhibitors list I don't see Triumph. A mistake or are they really not attending?

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When is it? I thought it was in Feb if so when are you all planning to go? I would like to meet up again but don't know if I wil be on call, please post who when and where, DD. :-D
Think they will be there, seems a waste to travel back just move across town instead, I had also hard ally paly was no more, obviously EMAP pulled out to do there own and mcn would then not advertise it.
Ally pally was last weekend so we missed it, exel is begining of Feb so if we are going thats the one, I will probably go on sat the 3rd.
OK so what show was last weekend I am getting very confusedwith all these winter shows?
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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