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MCN Motorcycle Show at Excel

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I bought my tickets this week but looking at the exhibitors list I don't see Triumph. A mistake or are they really not attending?

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hmm, i was really looking forward to going to this and hopefully pick up a bargain... those going, do we want to do a meet and greet :) ?
im going cos i've never been (to a show that is), well work permitting that is :) Sat sounds good
OK so now what? Ally pally is better? more history, better manufact's and more pop?... I don't know which to go to... would there be e better one for picking up bargains? Although I do wear main brand stuff Shoei,Dainesse,alpine,oxtar... hmm i dunno :) any 2 cents on offer?
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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