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I am a new member to this forum and wanted to share with you my tyre choice.

I am using Maxxis Tyres on my 04 Tiger, I have used Maxxis for a about 3 years now.

The first set I put on my ZX12R, and 3 years later I am using them on my Tiger.

On the supermax the milage is good and get 4-5000 miles out of a rear. And got 7000 out of the front.

Presa Detour adventure tyre is a new tyre that will be available soon in the uk and is a good alternative to the Tourance

I pay £140 for a pair of supermax fitted to my bike, they have never let me down even when riding the Tiger hard.

I know these tyres are available all over the UK and the US, but if you live in the north of England I get mine fitted at TT Tyres in Hillsborough, Sheffield.

Hope this helps.... Tony
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