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Hey all,
Two general questions. I am getting the Bonnie Black. The only things I really don't care for are 1. the handlebars (I think a cafe bike should have more of the ace style bars) and 2. the height of the bike in general. So I have to ask....
1. How do you think the bike would look with a set of Hyde ace bars and how comfortable are they? 2. have any of you lowered your Bonnies and if so do you have any side profiles?
I do a lot of customizing to all bikes, but I always try to get input from folks who are specialized in a certain group before hacking into stuff.
Thanks in advance.

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A few things I've done to lower the profile of the bike:

-Lose the stock mirrors for bar-end mirrors
-lowered headlight: cut and reweld headlight bracket 1.5'' lower
-lowered gauges: by making a plate to mount the gauges under the top triple clamp


Notice the stock mirrors (ugly!), flyscreen, and notice the height of the headlight in relation to the gastank; it's higher than the tank. The gauges are higher still.


Note that the headlight is lower than the gastank, and the headlight shell has been painted black. Also the gauges have been lowered, and barend mirrors added for lower profile and increase rearward visibility.

See this link for the thread I posted about this mod:
lowering the headlight and gauges

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DON'T lower the suspension, it gives you up as a poser......

DO replace the antlers-for-mirrors with some quality CRG "Lane Splitter" mirrors. Expensive but they exude quality and lower the appearance of your bike.

LOSE the factory mini Ape Hangers! Black M-Bars look the best, ACE looks too novelty (but I like 'em!), others may be too wide for that handsome profile.

Drop that factory War-o-the-Worlds pod for a tail light. Replace it with a the oval Cat's eye tail light, hella cool and not played out. Signals would look SERIOUSLY cool if somebody would shorten the stalks, black out what remains of them, and use the signal relocation kit for the front.

Powdercoat the headlamp housing a gloss black.

Replace the factory headlamp hardware with LSL skeletonized hardware..... powder coated the same black as the headlamp.

Replace the factory speedo on the Black with a big white-face TACH' that fits into the same mounting hardware. Add a smaller black face speedo to the upper right of the hardware. Consider going digital, but it's GOTTA be in a retro round housing.

Replace the rear fender with a BellaCorse Mini-fender. Anything else just looks unfinished.

Replace the factory seat with a narrower/lower '68' Thruxton seat.
*Buy BOTH the '68' RED cam cover and a
*matching RED seat cowl, and stick 'em on your Black bike.
*Add some subtle Red pinstripe on that flange around the bottom of the gas tank (or the "Triumph" letters on the tank badge).

Replace the factory spokes with some Buchanan stainless steel spokes. The factory spokes are known to have broken on more than just a 'few' bikes. Add a subtle Red (or Gold if you install some Ohlins) pinstripe on the edge of either some Excel allow wheels annodized Black, or the factory chrome steel wheels.

Contrast works on an all black bike; don't black out the exhaust. That works best on a Yamaha street tracker.....
Coat the interior walls of your headers with some "Kreem" BEFORE the bike has ever been started. Buy some expen$ive Staintune reverse cone mufflers. Wipe everything down with some mineral spirits before first starting the brand new bike (remove oil from hand prints).

Install some gold Ohlins piggy-back shocks to the rear, watch on ebay for some used Thruxton tubes for the front and put some decent springs/fluid up front. You will get the respect of both designer-name impressed squids and your bike will handle/ride MUCH better!

Paint the inside of the letters on your "Triumph" tank badge gold to match the ohlins

Norman Hyde bellmouth & K&N to an unmodified air box
air box elimination kit with some heavily modified side covers to show off your pods.

PIAA bulb to replace the factory bulb.

And don't hang anything needlessly off your bike, it looks best naked.

There, did your work for you. Now just gotta put it together and show us the picture.

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Discussion Starter · #6 · are a wild man. I greatly appreciate your input and explaination. I can relate to a lot of your preferences. Some things you mentioned regarding the cosmetics I may do differently. I am more of the rodder, greaser, rockabilly customizer. I dig bare and fast. My favorite color is satin black....I wonder how that would look on a Bonnie. I like pinstriping, but more like Von Dutch style.
Different almost always is what rocks my boat. Let's face it, I went from having two Harleys and custom choppers (like everyone else and their brother have) to a 74 Ironhead, a 64 Corvair, and a Triumph. I have never felt better and more like an individual in all my life regarding my hobbies.
Jumping on that bandwagon regarding all the passing fads just made me tired and feel so hum-drum.
I will customize this little bike and definately post some pictures....they may not be everyone's cup of tea, but hey, that's what it's all about.
Thanks again for the time and input.....greatly appreciated.
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