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I’m looking to remap my bike using either map 20315 or map 20264 from the Tune ECU website.
Both maps are described as for use on a Bonneville 865cc up to VIN 739050, with Arrow 2 into 2 exhausts, Keihin ECU, mechanical odometer, burning minimum 91 RON fuel with max 10% ethanol. So What’s the difference between maps 20315 and 20264?

The descriptions are the same, so which map should I choose? It’s a Bonnie not a Ninja so I’m keen to get good rideability (i.e. torque and power on low to mid-range revs) rather than high top-end power.

My bike has aftermarket free-flow mufflers (unknown brand), snorkel and SAI removed and I’ll be removing the 02 sensors very soon too, in an effort to get smoother response at small throttle openings.
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