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Make the TBSport Sportier

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TBSstunta once said:

It also provides a perfect upgrade path, because for not a lot of money you can add a handy 15hp with the S3 cams.
Can you just 'drop them in' or do you have to do some additional mods?

Tnx :)
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the cams from carbureted models are guaranteed to drop right in (95-96 S3, trident, sprint).

Saigon5 put cams from a 2000 S3 in his bird and they were a direct fit.

I just put in cams from a 2001 sprint and they were a direct fit. (still have to check and set my valve clearances)

fBird tried cams from a 2002 sprint and the cam gears were too small and weren't interchangeable.

So, I'm pretty sure you're ok with anything from 95-2001.
If the cam sprockets have 38 teeth, you've got the right ones.

Also, the cams make more power by flowing more air/fuel, so you'll also have some re-jetting to do.

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TBStunta and others have done it. Look through the threads. Exhaust, air cleaner mods, ignition curve(includes rev limiter upgrade). Etc.

Easy suspension mods too: heavier fork oil, new rear shock for some (easy preload adjust then).
Don't forget to check your valve clearances too once you change out the cams.
Does changing the cams make that much difference in horsepower? Does it affect fuel consumption? The cams from 2000/01 Sprints seem to be a direct fit, eh?

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