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Got another odd one with my 05 'tona.

Dip works on both lights,
Main beam works only on the right,
Flashing/Passing works only on the right.

I assumed this meant the bulb so used it as an excuse to get some Phillips Extremes (£17.99 inc free delivery and free blue vision side bulbs from

But having now swapped the bulb the issue is still there, wires appear to be correctly seated, checked that fuses were for both lights so since its just one it cant be that.

So a bit stuck, anyone seen this before/got any ideas?


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Assume this is the left one that's not coming on?
Main beam relay - the one closest to the front of bike in the row of 4 next to the subframe rail (under the seat)
Or fuse #1
However if fuse 1 was blown, the opposite would be happening with with the low beam (right would be out in low beam)

Note that in some markets, the relays for main & low beam are purposely omitted so you may find those slots unoccupied!
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