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M Bars and Plugs/Mirrors Conundrum

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To quote NewBonnevillle:

"Bars WITH bar end plugs WILL accept the stock end cap or our chrome bar end cap (but not bar end mirrors?).
Bars WITHOUT plugs will accept bar end mirrors."

So, does that mean bars WITH bar end plugs won't accept bar end mirrors - any bar end mirrors?

Is all hope lost for bar end mirrors? You will never be able to put them on so you should abandon all hope and save up for new M Bars WITHOUT bar end plugs if you want bar end mirrors??
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I just ordered Triumph's new chrome bar end side mirrors for my T100, though the factory web site implies they are for the Truxton. The dealer assured me their store has a T100 for sale with the same bar end mirrors, so I should have no trouble to install them myself. (I hope that proves to be the case).
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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