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Luggage Racks

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Would anyone happen to know where I could find
a luggage rack for my 01 adventurer I have the back rest
and would like to add the rack.

Thanks for the help.
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IIRC, I believe that finding a suitable rack/backrest has been a problem for the Adventurer models because they have a different rear subframe to the other models.

Does your backrest bolt to the subframe or is it part of the seat like some Corbin seats? If the former, then perhaps the maufacturer offers a model complete with rack. Is there a makers name?

Reading through, it's not clear but I'm assuming that the back rest is not OEM but is aftermarket, that you don't know the make, but that you do know that there is a bolt-on rack for it (based on a diagram you have).

Correct? If I'm not, then we need some more info in order to help you out.

In any event, can you take a pic of the backrest and post it here? Then folks can see if they recognise the make? You can do that by storing the pic on one of those picture hosting websites (or if you have an album on this site already - put it there). Then create a link to it in this thread by adding a post, clicking on the URL button below, pasting the link in the pop-up and adding some text to prompt us to "click here"
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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