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Luggage Racks

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Would anyone happen to know where I could find
a luggage rack for my 01 adventurer I have the back rest
and would like to add the rack.

Thanks for the help.
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If this is the single seat, then you ought to be able to do some searching in the used/discontinued bins at shops and find something to mount to the fender struts pretty easy (HD's over the years had thse smounted here -- especially older FLH's). That would be preferable to using the back rest, and stronger.

If you look here,, you will get an idea of what I did. A bit heavy as I used solid versus tubular steel, and the fender itself doesn't have the lateral strength I would like, but has worked excellent so far. (I hate to say it, but you must use the IE browser to see it as microsoft is the page provider.)

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