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Luggage Racks

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Would anyone happen to know where I could find
a luggage rack for my 01 adventurer I have the back rest
and would like to add the rack.

Thanks for the help.
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Does your sissy bar already have the mounting points? I once saw a T-bird backrest and rack on ebay that had OEM part numbers listed seperately for the sissy bar and rack? I'll try to track down a part #.

The one for the solo seat is a rare one. Saw one turn up on ebay once. The top of it is curved to match the fender, pretty neat looking. I assumed it was a factory part. Have you tried the $tealer$hips?

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This might be it:
A9758040 Luggage Rack Kit
Luckily you can enlarge the picture.
Let us know if it looks like it'll work (I'm curious)
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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