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Holy [email protected]!

I knew that my new tona has been professionally lowered and I've been trying to return it to standard. I took the old draglink off the bike last night, intending to put the correct one on.

I got a bit of a shock...

The 'lowering' draglink had no bearings in it (nor oil seals), no axial clamp system and no locking nut! (OK, so this probably doesnt mean anything unless you are familiar with the linkage and have spent a sleepless night thinking about what the consequences of such bodging would be.)

The standard linkage is basically a hollow sleeve with a couple of needle roller bearings in. These run on a hollow sleeve which is clamped to the frame, spaced out by a couple of thrust washers.

The replacement part had none of this. The entire linkage was running on the bolt, not only is this a loading which the bolt was never designed to take but it's hardly a proper bearing system! Eventually it would have worn through enough to shear and collapse. This is bad enough, but the fact that there was no system for spacing it axially mean that the entire linkage was clamped inbetween the mounting points. Essentially bolting the whole damn thing down. It only moved because of the massive leverage from the swing arm. Why this hadnt worn through or just unscrewed the nut I dont know! Speaking as a (genuine) professional engineer this is a highly dangerous, idiotic change which removes an essential part of the bikes suspension and would lead to damage to the bike and a significant risk to the safety of the rider.

I'd highly recommend checking out any 'professional lowering companies' and make sure that they are not going to just bin any essential bearing systems. Without naming names, the work on mine was done by a company in Hull specialising in drop, raise services.

So, sorry johnO, but the linkage is going straight in the bin! If you want I could draw up a replacement linkage which would, safely, lower the bike.
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