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Lowering/shorter side stand

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Hi all,

Posting here on behalf of a friend with a new Street Trip. At a pint size 5ft she's had the bike lowered considerably so she can ride it. Problem is that now the bike sits almost vertical on the side stand.

What's the best way to go. Is there an alternative type of stand that might fit the bike or could you cut the stand down?

Any advice would be much appreciated.
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You should be able to cut it down but you will need to carry a side stand plate to set down before using the side stand. Or you could drill the end of the stand and bolt a plate of some sort to it.

However keep in mind that as you cut higher and higher on the side stand you are also reducing the horizontal distance from end of the stand to the bike. This distance is important to keep as wide as possible to reduce the chance of the bike from toppling over the top of the stand. This can be compensated for partially by bolting a wider plate on to the bottom of the stand.
I'd just bring it to a machinist or welder. They'll just slice a section out of the middle and re-weld it. That way it will be same as before...just shorter.
I am 5'4" with a 28" inseam (pant size) so I lowered my striple about 1.5 inches. I was able to modify the pivot point and the pivot stop on the stand which changes the angle of the stand relative to vertical allowing the bike to lean properly.
In your case, the best fix is to take the stand to a welder, cut a section out of the middle and weld it back together. It the same time have the welder add a short "peg" to the stand so you have something to hook your toe onto to deploy the stand. Helped me a lot and looks good if done neatly.
I found removing approx 1 inch from the length of the stand worked out very well for the 1.5 inches I lowered the bike. Measure twice and cut once!
Thanks for the info Bradley. Will look in to it.

what about heating and bending outward a little?
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