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Love My Tender

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A simpleton and Elvis fan in need of help... I picked up battery tender at a junk sale. 5 bucks, no instructions. Do I need to take the seat off each time I hook it up? How long can or should I leave ot on? Do I attach to both terminals or just one and a ground? Can I hook it up to my earlobes for a cheap thrill?

Thanks for helping. Long live The King.
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Another suggestion .... order the Triumph accessory socket ... a little pricy at $30, but it comes with a small bracket that makes mounting easy. It uses a BMW style plug (smaller than cigarette lighter plug). And it attaches to one of the plugs under tha gas tank in no time. (You'd need to get the Batt Tender adaptor with the BMW male plug). Now you simply plug the Tender into the accessory socket when you want to give it a charge. I put my acc plug on for that purpose, and also as a quick hookup for an electric vest.

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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