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Needs some info. My bike is running good like a Triumph should. Earlier in the year I smoked my ground wire while charging the batt. I inspected my harness and all was well. I replaced the ground wire with a #10 stranded figuring it would have more ampacity and be a better ground. A thought crossed my mind, (a desert lately), that it might be too rigid and apt to break easier with the vibes. The question is, what is the gauge and number of strands of the ground wire from frame to battery in a stock loom? What do you think of all this? Am I nit picking or should I use the proper size ground wire? Thanks in advance. I've learned a lot from you guys and passed some of it along. Frank

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Thanks K. Been in the depression for no reason. ........bored mostly. Got a new seat and pipes for looks, but ain't messed with them. I'm working on my house, painting, etc. Been procrastinating to long. Got the o-rings for the rocker, next job. Good to hear from you. Smokey Okie :cool:
Thanks for the info, Wrench . I plan to go with a CB . I had a 2 amp auto charger on when the seat fell and the charger clamp went between the positive post and the tool rack. This melted the ground wire covering from one end to the other. Naturally the fuse on the positive didn't come into play. I think a CB on the negative post would keep this from happening again. What do you think? I also installed a plug in for a maintainer. I'm sure this had to happen to somebody else or will. Thanks again for the reply.. :???:
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