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Newbie here. I currently interested in a TBS that is in Damerells (St Austell, Carnwall)

I presently ride a BMW K12RS - but its a bit big and heavy for daily usage and a bit character-less. Wonderful machine...just a bit blah...

SWMBO wants something that is more classic, two seats, and I want something more classic (and cheap!)...with preferably one seat: cool: Im too old and dont have the perfect hair of the Harley boys, and also love the sound of the triples, so when I discovered this TBS I thought it would be right up my street.

However, I live rather a long way away, and have little knowledge of Triumphs. Is there anyone in the Devon area (St Austell) area that could pass by and take a look and give me an opinion of the bike ? Before I travel a long way to take a look?

Motorcycles Ltd
Lodge Way
St Austell

Heres hopin...


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Obviously no-one around the Devon or Cornwall area (that has yet to see this thread). Unless of course they are busy scooting around to St Austell to buy this magnificent bike ! :D

Suggest you get onto the dealer and ask him what the condition is and could he email you pics, failing that I would get down there pronto, they're getting harder to find.

Ride on ! :)
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