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Looked a little closer at a '07 today

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I had to drop off my '06 for the 500 mile service as well as get my bags and TOR installed. While I was at the dealer I looked pretty closely at the red '07 they have on the showroom floor. Here is what I can tell you:

Bars and screen- Definately higher. The screen is not so high as to ruin the look of the bike, but the bar risers look a bit awkward. The seating position is a little to relaxed for my 6' 2" frame.

Brakes- The calipers look exactly like my '06. Also, the master cylinder is a 5/8 just like my bike.

Fairing- I did not see any difference in the fairing to suggest better heat managment. The bike does have the heat kit fitted.

Seat- I know it is supposed to be redesigned, but I did not notice a real difference compared to my bike. Maybe the difference would be felt after a few miles in the saddle.

Color- The red is very red and reminds me of a Ducati. It looks good, but I think the '05/'06 red is a little more classy.

I asked the dealer if I could take the calipers apart to look for 675 pistons, but he declined my offer.

If someone wants me to look at something specific please post it here. I have to go back and get my bike this evening so it won't be a problem.

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