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I used to be a member here back in 04 and can't remember for the life of me what my log in name was so I started a new acct.! I used to own an 04 955i Daytona with a black frame and wheels. The story went: that it was a bike brought over for the magazines to test with but was never used and I ended up buying a supposedly really rare bike or so the story went from the dealer.
I caught a bit of flack here for wanting to sell it when it was less then a year old with only 1300 miles on it when I had no problem saying I LOVED that bike and all I have ever owned was Daytonas ( 900, 1200, T595, and the 955i) What I never had the balls to say was that the girlfriend didn't like riding and made my life soooo miserable when I would go riding that my life could only be more peaceful if I just sold the bike so I did! It went to a guy in TX. Well i have recently made the first good move in a long time and got rid of her!!!!!!!!!! Now I am soon buying another 04 Daytona. that has everything mine had (the guy has good taste!) except the undertail I had. Now when I was on here all the time I told a lot of people where to get that undertail including a guy I met on here and we met up at the dealer in Denver when I picked mine up (sorry I can't remember your name either) I also posted several pics of the bike in my driveway in front of a little garage too small for a car (70's house with a garage to small for a smart...go figure) If anyone ever saved these pics and still has them I would love for you to email them to me as I can't find these pics anywhere and If I told any of you where to get that undertail and you still remember or if they even still make it could you please forward this info or pics to me?
This under tail was not the carbon fiber one and it came to me in the yellow body color with flush mounted turn signals...
Thanks in advance for any help with this!!!! Oh! and as for comments of finally making the better descision.... I have heard them ALL already from my friends :)
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