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Long or Short Performance TOR's

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I'm trying to decide on which performance off-road pipes to get put on my new 2006 SM. Dealer is going to remove the AI.
Which are louder, or which has best sound?
All things being equal, which provides the better performance?
Any re-jetting required with this install? I'm going to pull off the snorkel as soon as I get the bike shipped to me.
Need your responses ASAP.
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You're about to spend $385 on TOR "performance" pipes. If you sold your stock pipes on the "bay of pigs", you may get $50-75 for them. There are folks who will buy the stock pipes, modify them (baffle removal) and turn them around for a profit. So lets say you have $460 to work with at the time of purchase.

Here's my sage advice. Please chime in folks. Don't waste your money on pipes you'll replace a year or two from now.

Ditch the idea of the TOR short or longs. Wait, save a couple hundred more and buy a nice set of good sounding (truly performance increasing) after market pipes. Bottom line. The TOR pipes (short or long) will never sound as good or increase performance, like the aftermarket guys.

I went almost two years with the TOR longs, before switching to Thunderbikes (not affiliated). I'm now trying to offset the price of the Thunderbikes with a Ebay sale of my TOR longs.

Be smart, save a dollar or two and go for the non-Triumph alternative pipes.

Just my two zloty.
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