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Long or Short Performance TOR's

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I'm trying to decide on which performance off-road pipes to get put on my new 2006 SM. Dealer is going to remove the AI.
Which are louder, or which has best sound?
All things being equal, which provides the better performance?
Any re-jetting required with this install? I'm going to pull off the snorkel as soon as I get the bike shipped to me.
Need your responses ASAP.
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A great question. I've seen lots of suggestions on the subject and looking forward to hearing from some of the experts. I just got my 2006 SM and am putting it away for the winter in stock condition. In the spring my plan is to get pipes, and I'm assuming rejetting, AI removal, rework the air intake. I'll talk to the dealer about doing it for me, but it may be nice to get my hands dirty and do it for myself. There's a link on how to do it. P.S. I'm also thinking of getting a solo seat from Corbin, and a 19 tooth sprocket for touring the Cabot Trail in the summer.
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