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Last night I posted "Long BillyBars" in an effort to help folks who are even less mechanically inclined than I and maybe help see which bar you really need/want. Well, I screwed up and the world famous designer, builder and fabricator of the unit was kind enough to pm me and tell me rather than abuse me online in front of the world. He was very tactful in his pm also. Nice guy. :knkknk:

Thank you Bill. :bow:

What all of this shows is if a total mechanical dweeb like me can do this anyone can given enough time and patience from people on this forum.

Here we go again. :)

My inseam is 32 inches. That's what my waist was a couple years ago. The pictures should give you an idea of how the bars look and how you will sit in a forward and further back position with the long bar.
The picture from the rear was not necessary but was added for the enjoyment of Sweatmachine who secretly yearns to own and ride scooters

And now, the pics.
This shows the proper attachment as opposed to the one shown in the earlier thread.

Normal (for me) forward position. Maybe 3 or 4 inches back from the tank.

Back position sitting on the seat strap.

Unnecessary shot to show the bars really don't stick out that far but Sweatmachine is only looking at the scooters with lust in his eye. :-D

Hey, that's my cow foot!
No its not, get your own!
This one is yours, mine stinks better!
Go away little dog, or else!

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Well alright wonderdog/Dennis
They look good, the long version set looks right for your legs.
I know you will really love them on the next long ride.
I have short legs 30" inseam ,the bars mounted on the
frame where to far for me . When this hole thing started that
is where I planed on mounting them .
Then SCCtrim Pointed out to me that I had better have long
legs or I'll be sitting on the tank. After I read that I ran down
to the garage and clamped a broom handle across where
yours are mounted and , sure enough I was sitting on the
tank. After scratching my head for a minute I noticed the
engine mount bolt. Then a light bulb appeared above my
head. Then It was back to the drawing board.
And I came up with this. The engine mount set is just right
for me.

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I had the engine mount set first but had to trade it out. My legs were too long for it but it was still very comfortable on the one long ride I used them on. I just flopped my feet out and rested my calves on them. :-D

Great design. What's next??? :-D

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