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LETS Ride South Florida

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I would try and ride with some speed triples/ others!!!!!! So hit me up if You speeds want to Ride!
Location, time, Etc. week ending 3/ 10-11 or 17-18/07 or even both ([email protected])
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Try this :wink:
OK ?????????????? try again! :2guns:
Click on the link in Dirts posting above, it will take you to the thread already started on this subject :hammer:
lets ride brother ,Miami , Dade or Broward next week or weekend [email protected] or 305 7967610
anyone going to fudd's bike night tonight?...thinking about it if its nice :cool:
I will go if its not raining. I was by there at noon, today, because someone said they were closed. Place looks closed from the street, but its getting a quickie outside dress-up (new awnings, paint and signs). If I go, I'll be there 8-8:30.

Bill I think he means the Fudd's in Miami at SW 104 St & So Dixie Hwy.

Can't tonight though because getting ready for tomorrows trip to Bike Week.
dragon said:
Bill I think he means the Fudd's in Miami at SW 104 St & So Dixie Hwy.
Yeah, I was there at noon - had to do a little job at Dadeland Mall.

Like I said, it looks closed from the street, awnings stripped off, no signs, and a 40-yard dumpster parked by the kitchen door, but it IS open.
I will try and go to fudds tonight, I also have to fly out tomorrow. :???: see you guys tonight !!

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