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I just installed led turn signals on my 06 Speedmaster and am having a problem. The left turn signal works fine but when I put on the right all 4 signals flash.

I have the Kisan Signal minder with the running light conversion installed and with my oem signals it works great. With the leds the running lights work great and also the left turn signals they even flash at the regular rate just the right turn is screwed up. I have changed the indicator bulb to led also but still no change.
I emailed Kisan about my problem but so far no response.

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If the LEDs are not working, chances are you have the polarity backwards.
The LED indicator lamp with diode mod working sounds like that was executed perfectly, so you can re-install and leave that alone.

Try crossing over the connections to the LED turns - start with just one and if it works you can follow through with the others.

The SuperbrightLeds flasher was correct model CF13GL-02, right?
If you have this do not bother with resistors.
Incidentally when using resistors they connect across (parallel) the LED connections, not in series - better off just leaving them out as they are unnecessarily complicating things.
So -
1) re-install indicator LED
2) re-install SuperBrightLEDs CF13GL-02 Flasher Module
3) Remove Resistors
4) Reverse connection* of wires to one corner for turn signal and test.

* Without even changing the wires you can do a quick continuity test with your meter:
Unplug the connectors to the turn signals (again, just one should be adequate for test) and check that the signal wire actually goes to the center pin of the lamp socket and NOT the pin that touches the lamp body. And vice versa.
If you find the signal goes to the pin that touches the body, then that is your problem and fix is to swap the wires to the lamp socket.

I believe this is manifesting itself because your using LED bulbs in the original sockets - another rider on the Sprint forum having EXACT same issue with similar config and I have suggested same fix - unfortunately weather precludes confirmation from that party.

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led turn signals

I will give it a try, probably when the weather warms up a bit. My old garage/horse barn is colder inside than out and it is 8f at present time. Anyhow thanks for the response, will let you know how it works out.

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Here you go
Just pull the indicator bulb to begin with and they should work normally. Then you can do the diode mod & put the lamp back in.
Note that on your bike, the negative to the Main Beam indicator is actually Brown I believe.
And again note that you must get the correct green/red wire - the simple thing is just to find the two wires going to the indicator lamp.

Incidentally putting the LED indicator is why it works on left but not right
And using an LED indicator you have to do the diode mod regardless of whether LED turns are connected or not
- it only conducts in one direction.


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