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Hi ya,
I've had LED Allicators on my Thruxton for a while now, they work fine but one of them has 4 LED's that don't light up ? why.

The main problem is...... I changed the Warning light to an LED diode as a standard light means all the indicators come on at the same time when indicator switch is selected to left or right.

How ever....... no matter what type of LED warning light I use or which way I insert the bulb due to it's polarity, the warning light only illuminates in one direction even though the indicators work fine in both directions. The latest bulbs I tried are
I thought they would cure the problem but no luck, they only illuminate in one direction no matter which way they are placed.

Any Idea's please folks?

Many thanks

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You could have some LED's that have failed and don't light up, but my guess is that the soldered joints have failed or there's some corrosion or damp in the circuit board.

Manufacturers of after-market electronic components are very often ignorant or naive of the rigors that mobile applications have to withstand.

They'll happily stick some components on a Printed circuit, solder it and sell it off.

Vibration, damp-proofing, transient protection, extremes of temperature, etc are concepts that are not considered, and as it works OK on the bench it's sold to the unsuspecting customer.

Check the printed board. It should, ideally, be double sided with through-plated holes for best vibration resistance and covered with some sort of varnish for damp protection. Any components liable to move with road and engine vibration, should be anchored or secured properly, usually with a dab of silicone sealer.
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