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Well I finally sorted the problem with the indicator repeater light, after trying various LEDS which only work one way so are no good for the Bonneville repeater lamp.
This is how I did it. The bulb is a BA9S bayonette LED with metal base from [aceparts_uk] on ebay [£7 for 2 bulbs inc. shipping].
Expose the rubber boot and remove the old bulb.
Cut down one side of the boot with a sharp knife.
Peel the boot off to expose the wires and the 2 metal clips.
rough up a patch on the metal body of the new LED and solder a 1 inch piece of wire to it. Solder another 1 inch piece of wire to the bulb base.
Next solder the 2 ends of the wire to the metal clips.
Tape up the wires tightly with electrical tape.
Cut the rubber boot roughly in half [across ways], as the lower half is too narrow for the bulb to fit in, top half only is used.
As the bulb is wider it needs to sit a little lower down than the old bulb to get the green lens back on.
Feed the boot back into the bracket hole and put the bits back together again.
The bulb now works for both left and right indicators and is super bright. I have added a photo with it in 'Mid Flash', note how much brighter it is than the neutral light [which is actually 'on']. It has been an interesting project, if a little frustrating at times, but it is well worth it. If you have any questions on this mod I will be happy to help if I can.
Tally Ho,
UK Daveski
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