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Hey mate,

Go to this website and get the motorbike tank sealer kit.
I have sealed 3 1971 OIF tanks along with a couple of fibreglass commando just dont use the metal ready (rust convertor) on the glass tanks. Any pinhole leaks etc will seal up like new and ready for the crappy fuels of today. I had unleaded fuel eat throught my clear-coat on my norton tank from a spill.

The only problem with the kit is it takes 96hours for the sealer to cure. The company is in Sydney too which may be an issue shipping it down to Melb since tomorrow will be friday and you wont get it till monday. Maybe you can call them and see if anyone in melb stocks it??

I would maybe pull the tank off the bike,...let it dry out and then only put a little bit of fuel back in to see if its going to leak. The take it for the inspection and hope for the best.

You should seal the tank though.

Good Luck
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