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I installed the dog bones that came with the ZX7 shock that I recently bought. From center to center of the bolt holes, the Kawi dog bones are 1/4" longer than the OEM dog bones on my Adventurer. The diameter of the bolt holes in the Kawi bones are exactly the same as the OEM ones. So, I removed the old bones and installed the Kawi bones. They fit perfectly and bolted right up. They lowered the rear end--with the ZX7 shock installed, about 1". Now there is a big difference in ride height and angle and my Adventurer doesn't lean at so great an angle when it's on the side stand. The ride is also improved since the motorcycle does not pitch as much towards the front.

I am now a much happier camper with my ZX7 shock mod. If you've made the ZX7 modification on your Adventurer I highly recommend changing out the dog bones as well.

Next mod: fork springs!
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