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Just wondering if any of you guys out there that have the [email protected] air filter ended up using the four torx type screws on the side of the airbox (two each side) or just screwed the airbox back together with the self tapping screws.I cut the tabs off the original filter cage as per instructions, but to put the four torx screws back in i'd have to punch some holes through the rubber on the edge of the filter, will this affect the sealing of the airbox? I don't think it will but I would just like to be sure .Any advice would be much appreciated.

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I can't remember how I did it with mine, but I'm sure I just punched through the foam surround. Don't worry too much about it.

You probably want to use silicone to seal up the perimeter of the air box as that doesn't ever seal well once it gets taken apart. (I used a white silicone, actually looks sharp with the black/white bike!)
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