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just for schlitz and giggles

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Just decided to start ripping it apart, gunna take apart the head next weekend, see if its just the valves or if the cylinders are shot...
oh how i miss riding her...

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heres a lil update:

you8 can see a little leaking on the side of the valve cover...

So after removing the radiator i noticed missing bolts on the exhaust manifold. this could have led to the bad exhaust valves :( . unfortunately theres no way to determine who did it, or how long the engine has been running like this. Now heres a Question for anybody. im getting ready to drop the engine this weekend, but after taking off the exhaust, i realized the bottom oil pan isn't flat so i cannot just prop engine on a car jack and lower it out, so how the heck do you get the power plant out without damaging the bottom? here's what i am refering to:

Any ideas?

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Fixed that image problem :-D
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