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just for a laugh

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Hey furriners, Yank here. I bought a 2004 Bonnie (in '04). Took it to an engine wizard who spent a month boring and stroking, smoothing the carbs and putting on custom straight pipes with a removeable plug (fer when the coppers come round). Put on a bigger rear wheel and race tires, a solo seat, a chrome rear fender (shortened), new front brakes and pads with braided cable, rearsets, shortened and chromed the front fender, a T-100 taillight, no turn signals, drag bars, chromed the tank and then painted flames on it, Penske rear shocks, revalved the front forks and put in heavier oil, steering dampener, fork brace, bar end mirrors, smaller headlight and some other stuff I can't remember. Took it out of the shop for a test ride, lost control and hit a car. Broke arm, leg, lost two teeth, got arrested in the hospital, bike declared total loss. Slugged jail guard and was given two years. Just got out and I was wondering, do you think I should get a T100 in red or black? :-D
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Black or Black and White. :eek: :razz: :lollol: :-g :brk: :hammer: :hammer: :hammer:
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