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Whew! Went for a group ride today. Back County roads of Kansas..... 25mph corner with a ton of sand on it from the maintenance crews deicying the roads. Just into the corner the new front Continental started sliding. Added a little rear brake and got it upright and rode through the shoulder and back onto the road. The Yamaha R6 that was tailing me wasn't so lucky. He did the same thing but couldn't get back upright. Fortunately it went down on a soft wet shoulder and only got mud on it and bent the tag bracket....

The rest of the 200 miles went uneventful...... I am going to stop leading. I don't want to be the one that causes someone to ride over their head when I'm on the edge myself.

Triumph ran flawlessly. I'm still not sure about the Continentals. They seem to wiggle under hard cornering.

Richard Z.
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