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In a thread in the BHO section of the forum where bmetzger8 was originally asking about the serial numbers on his '67 Daytona (?) HiDe posted this about the serial number photo: -
That hand-stamped serial number is really cool. I'd be tempted to take a photo of that and make it into a poster.
This got me to thinking.
HiDe, that is an awesome idea for a t-shirt.
No one would have a clue what it was except for someone intimate with vintage Triumphs.
It would be a hell of a conversation starter.

I want one.
I am off to the printers with a photo first chance I get.
Will post the result when it happens.
This would be a seriously cool t-shirt.
"Heh, is that your Bonnie/Daytona/Tiger engine number on your shirt?" (select appropriate model)
"Yeah, it is actually"
"It is an "E", that's a '71 isn't it?
'Sure is, how do you know that?"
"I have a '68 Bonnie"
...and there goes 2 hours in follow up conversation.

hmmmm.... it would be like wearing a sign at a swap meet saying "Talk to me about Triumph, but only if you actually know something."
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