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Hi All.

Some of you may already know me as the idiot who rode a 1969 Trident in this years Iron Butt Rally

Some of you may know me as the Treasurer of the Trident and Rocket 3 Owners Club

Anyway, I'm 51 and been riding Triumphs (and only Triumphs) since I was 17.

These are my current bikes

1968 T150 Trident
1969 T150 Trident (My IBR bike)
1972 X75 Hurricane
1975 T160 Trident
1975 T160 Trident Slippery Sam Replica
1975 T160 Trident Legend
1975 T160 Trident Renegade
1975 T160 Trident Cardinal

1970 F750 Daytona No.8 - this is one of the works racers
1975 T160 Production Racer - Son of Sam

1991 Trophy 1200
1991 Daytona 1000
2005 Daytona 955i (just coming up to 100,000 miles)

1976 NVT Easy Rider ER1 (just completed a LE to JOG run)
1976 NVT Easy Rider ER2L
1978 NVT Easy Rider ER4L

1979 NVT Rambler 125

My wife rides a Hinckley Rocket 3 trike, my eldest son a Daytona 600 and my younger son a Speed 4.



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Welcome to the site.

Wow - what a list!

Take a around at the different forums and become familiar with them, especially the ones for your models. Don’t be afraid to post! The only dumb questions are the one’s we don’t ask.
Each forum has a moderator to answer your questions and solve any problems. If you need something lets us know.

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John, that's some collection of triples you have there. Many congratulations on your recent Iron Butt finish!!!! Respect!! Enjoying your write up on the T&R3OC page. Well done, just brilliant!
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