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Jets / Carbs / Pipes / Dyno - Pt 453 in a series

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<deactivates lurking device>

Back when I did this to my bike, a few people were curious how much power difference it made from my previous set up. Short answer, not much :???:

I was running:
40 pilots
120 mains
Factory Pro needles (4th clip I think)
Airbox w/ 5x 1.5" holes

Dyno said 74.1 RWHP - a nice jump from stock

Now running:
same pilots & needles
130 mains
pod filters (no airbox)
custom 3-1 pipe

Dyno says: 74.87 RWHP - gaining a whopping .76 over the previous set up. Sigh.

However, I am no longer too rich at low throttle, and I have a significant lean spot between 4-5k rpm... which I *think* means the needles need to come up a notch - more gas earlier.

On the upside, the pod filters do just fine in pouring rain... as I found out on the ride home

I still have some s3 cams to drop in as well. I'll let you all know when the next dyno run comes around...

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Put it in perspective guys.

Mutato produced 60 RWHP stock. Mutato after mods produces 72 RWHP.

((72-60)/60) x 100 = 20%

I find a 20% increase in peak horsepower is quite satisfactory... at this point. :-D

It was more just surprise that there was so little difference between a drilled airbox and 120s, and pod filters w/ 130s. It just goes to show I guess that there's only so much extra hp to be coaxed from jetting and airbox mods.
Yep! :-D

The problem is that peak horsepower is calculated at high rpm, so opening up the airbox has the potential for high horsepower but the reality is that you run afoul of the airflow restrictions in the exhaust system.

1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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