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Jets / Carbs / Pipes / Dyno - Pt 453 in a series

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<deactivates lurking device>

Back when I did this to my bike, a few people were curious how much power difference it made from my previous set up. Short answer, not much :???:

I was running:
40 pilots
120 mains
Factory Pro needles (4th clip I think)
Airbox w/ 5x 1.5" holes

Dyno said 74.1 RWHP - a nice jump from stock

Now running:
same pilots & needles
130 mains
pod filters (no airbox)
custom 3-1 pipe

Dyno says: 74.87 RWHP - gaining a whopping .76 over the previous set up. Sigh.

However, I am no longer too rich at low throttle, and I have a significant lean spot between 4-5k rpm... which I *think* means the needles need to come up a notch - more gas earlier.

On the upside, the pod filters do just fine in pouring rain... as I found out on the ride home

I still have some s3 cams to drop in as well. I'll let you all know when the next dyno run comes around...

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Thanks for the update Crosstie. Tuning info is always appreciated.

Did you get any torque numbers?

btw - What size are your pilots - really?
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