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jet advice

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hi there
i'm installing TORs this winter on a 2003 bonnie (790cc) with AI removed, unifilter installed but snorkel still in place.
I've thruxton needles that I can install if necessary.
Any suggestions on the likely jet sizes needed with or without the thruxton needles?
I understand that TORs come with a set and it may be possible to specify which size upon order.
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You should wind up somewhere around 125 in the main jet area. The needle used has NO bearing on the size main jet needed. I would recommend using the stock needles first and if you detect any "flat spots" in the mid range, then try some shims or the Thrux needles. It is always best to get it on a dyno with EGA when you are through tinkering. I run a 790 with NARK, NH Togas, and the main jets are 158, the needles are stock (mid-range is a little too rich with the stock needles), 42 pilot jets (the stock 40 pilot jets would work also). I have averaged 50+ mpg over the last 15000 miles with this setup--oh, yes, I have a modified igniter with a rev limit of 8100, and I spool it up quite regularly. :-D

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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