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Is there A Wheel Fitment Guide ?

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My search did not yeild results.

Is there a Triumph Wheel Fitment Guide ?
Which wheels can fit onto other models in the line up?

I have a Street Twin and I want Spoke Wheels. What models, what years are interchangeable? I read someone Triumph Tiger spoke wheels are lighter, not sure how true that is and cant seem to find that again.

Please delete if this exists, but just point me in the right direction.

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You want to swap easily repaired alloy wheels in the event of a puncture with spoked wheels with inner tubes? You want trust some foam sealant to seal the hole?

You best bet would be to get some Kineo wheels which don't need inner tubes. Or you could pray not to get a flat tire.
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Check to see if the axle (spindle), all bearings, spacers etc speedometer drive (if there is one) needed to install a wheel are the same between 2 models then make sure the wheel diameter and width are the same then the wheels will PROBABLY interchange.
However this is not a guarantee and I take no responsibility if it doesn't work out.
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Didn't realize this wasn't a popular mod that people did. Either spoked to cast or cast to spoked.

Was hoping for a definitive guide or sticky.
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