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On 2006-11-30 07:37, cheapbastard wrote:
no premie, it's different, doesn't have the 02 sensor plug on the midpipe.

pictures of Graham's 07 midpipe without the cover...
That is one hideous looking CAT-bucket. Not quite on the Ducati Monster colostomy bag end of the ugliness scale, but pretty close. No wonder they had to improvise something to hide this mess.

Does the '05-'06 midpipe fit the '07 header & mufflers? If I at some point (in my dreams) update my ride to a bit more recent model, the catalysator has to go. I also wonder if the '07 header still has the small pre-cat in it, or has it migrated to this new bigger can?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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