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Hello my name is Will. I'm 25 on on the verge of buying a 2006 Triumph Thruxton 900 in Caspian Blue from a family friend. This baby is mint with only 3,800 miles and it came with quite a few goodies (all either from Triumph or

I'm an active member on a couple other forums; S2KI (Honda S2000 forum) as well as Kawiforums. I know it takes time to build trust on forums (if you can call it that considering this is the internet). I fully intend to be a contributing member on here and will be looking for some tips as I've never owned a Triumph or a fuel injected motorcycle (aside from my little Honda XR100.

I'm a sportbike guy and do follow Moto GP, World Superbike etc, but there is something very special about the whole Cafe scene. That's really the only other style I'm into, and soon enough I'll be part of it!!!!

Please feel free to jump in and give me some beginners tips. I only test rode this beautiful machine but haven't really gotten my hand on it to mess with it yet.
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