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Hello All,

My name is Steve Everson. I've been following the boards for a while and using the info I get from it as best as I can. I am relatively new to Triumphs.

I hope to continue learning from the boards and will be interacting soon.


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Welcome to the forum!

What brings you to our community? Do you ride a Triumph now? Are you researching a future purchase? Helping a friend restore a classic?

Please complete your user profile so that we may see where you are from and what you ride as you post throughout the forums. Thanks!

Connect with local riders in the RAT forums. If you do not see a thread for your area, please start one.

You may also find local riders and local events in the Rides and Events forum.

Please share your rides with us by posting photos of your rides in the Ride and Trip Reports forum.

Enjoy some off-topic and often humorous conversations in the Biker Hang Out forum.

There is much to our forum, so please make yourself at home, browse the forums, and join the conversation where ever it may interest you. We are happy to have you here.

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