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Dear Community,
I am a new member from Germany and have recently bought a 2011 Tiger 800 XC and did the initial service for it incl. resetting the spanner with TigerTool v2.5 (from
I had a few topics I have discussed within a German forum ( about the fork (re-done at Franz Race Suspension) and its perceived play, which I assumed must had been
the bearing. It was not. As I am just 5'9 I bought lowering links and lowered the fork by 10mm and noticed that the side and main stands did not had to be shortened. That was a convenient
surprise. Then there is the Starter (Denso 428000-5540) issue I am sure some members of this forum can relate to. Apparently the Ricks Electric one won't fit my VIN number (<612713).
I tried wrapping the starter in reflective aluminium foil (simiar to shield off an access heat from exhaust manifolds in cars) but the temperature issue remained. Then I added a cooler duct pipe
alongside the vehicle to act as a ventilation pipe leading the oncoming air directly onto the starter housing. Still the bike starts reluctantly, so I guess you'll try to minimize the times you stall
the engine and pay more attention towards the position of the side stand when you put it in first gear...

Kind Regards

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