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Hello folks.

Have been a lurker for the last while and figured it was time to sign up and introduce myself. I'm looking to get my wife a sport tourer so she can accompany me on some 2 wheeled trips. She's an accomplished rider that can handle pretty much any bike. Her present ride is a FZ6 and she's ridden my FJR and loved it. She'd prefer something a bit lighter than the FJR, hence me finding this forum and having a desire to research the Sprint ST.

With that in mind, I have a request for the folks with the 07 ST's, specifically the new red one. Could I ask you to post pictures of the front end ... specifically the bar position and the windscreen? My concern is that the bar position is too sport oriented for the missus and am curious about the new 'factory' raised grips, along with the larger windscreen.

Appreciate what ever help and pictures you can give ... and thanx.


ps ... good site you have here. :upthumb:

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Forgot to mention.

Best thing to do, and the advice always given is go find one and sit on it. Better still, ride it, and some others before making the decision. Fit and comfort is a personal thing, though the Sprint certainly does it for most, and benefits from perhaps the lowest running/service costs of any alternatives. :cool:

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Appreciate the input guys.

there are a couple of aftermarket bars that for a couple hundred bucks you can have any riding position you want. - Diderich

<lol> been there ...done it ... got the shot to fix it <lol> :wink:

The kicker guys is that there's only one dealer in all of Atlantic Canada and the b*gger isn't bringing in an 07 unless you put a deposit down. He has an 06 ABS demo , but the price he's asking for it is out to lunch, but at least it gives a chance to sit on it. Problem is it isn't the 07 and Mrs Flyer likes the new color and specs better.

Hope someone with a digital can take a couple if pics for me. I have checked out the one thread with the black one, but am hoping to see the new red.

Thanx again for the welcome.

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