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In MHO, this is a great buy. I own two T140's... a '78 and a '79. I have gone with electronic ignitions...Boyer on the '78 and Pazon on the '79 (replacing Rita). I put Haywood belt drives on both. These bikes are QUICK.

These late T140's are not the 'coveted' machines of the late 60's, but some things to think about:
1. Considerably more rigid frame (one piece instead of 2) and swing arm means you can run modern tires and really push it in turns.
2. Engine runs on current hi-test gas without pinging. The 750's extra cc's make up for the slightly lower compression ratio. 53 HP.
3. Disc brakes front & rear.
4. 5 speed transmission.
5. Early T140 teething problems are sorted.

So, my point is this: the late T140's are ideal if you want a bike that is still a classic but has one foot in the modern era. Once sorted, they are great for riding every day and I guarantee you will turn heads where ever you go. Throw in the electronic ignition and belt drive and you've got quite a potent little sled!
Best Regards,
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