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When I shopped for insurance last year, I was told that the two primary factors in setting the rate are (1) the bike (it's history and propensity for being crashed, stolen, and/or vandalized) and (2) the company's interest in writing policies to that particular bike or class of bikes. The RIDER's driving record and history came in a distant third.

Allstate was famous for giving out very high quotes several years back. It was their way of not writing motorcycle policies without having to bluntly say to their (car and/or home) policyholders that they wouldn't write a bike policy.

Anyway, I was a very happy Markel customer, but they don't write policies in NC. I'm currently with Foremost and they've been fine, although I've not had to "use" them. I also had no complaints with Progressive, but they certainly wanted to rape me on rates for the Sprint ST.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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