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Installed the Aero Screen today…

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I had some surgery done November 22, so I have been convalescing. After over 2 months with no wind in my face I was about ready to go insane. So it was 86 degrees today, hate these harsh SoCal winters. I put on the new Aero Screen and went for a ride today out to Cook’s Corners. I was presently surprised on how well the new screen moves the air around me. I am 6’ and now the air stream hits right at the top of the helmet. Very nice!

My bother-in-law, who went with me, did not have as good of time however. His battery failed on his MV F4. We got a jump-start from a tow truck carry off a Hardly Rider and headed home. We removed the battery and went by Cycle Gear to pick up another. A Yuasa battery for the F4 was $143.95. Just for kicks I asked how much for a Yuasa battery for my 06 Sprint ST. $49.95. He pays $1500.00 every 6000mi for service on the F4, and complains about his wrist hurting and other aches and pains after a ride. I know it’s apple and oranges, but I sure like my Triumph ST ;-)

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