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Finished my custom exhaust finally!! I cut the old one off just after the collector and went from there. I was able to reuse the hanger after some work to it, and relocated the o2 sensor. I now have three choices. One is no silencer at all :-D :-D The other is with a stubby carbon fiber unit, and last is with a carbon fiber unit that is twice as long as the stubby.

After testing all of them out this is what i have come up with.......wide open as you can guess TOOOOO LOUDDDDD. There does not seem to be that much of a difference between the other two so i went with the stubby. I wanted to test the low end power because i expected to loose some due to the short pipe. I had some test and tune time on some of my quads and that is what happened to them, lost some on the bottom and gained some on top. To my surprise that is not the case :wink: seems that it woke it up quite a bit form before. The front tire go skyward at the slightest crack of my wrist.Sorry for the poor pics
What do you think of the polished heal guard in the last pic?

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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