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I'm sure this will get easier

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When I rode bikes twenty years ago, I did all my own maintenance without a second thought, but now with my treasured 2006 T100 its a different story, mainly for two reasons
My old bikes were on average worth $500, this thing was close to $10,000
This bike can take me down the highway at 100mph the others couldn't!
Any way i,ve just been adjusting the chain back and forth-too tight, no now too loose etc.When I Took my tools to the rear wheel, i found it odd that the left and right nuts were different sizes, is that normal?
By the way the only problems have been leaking fork seals, both replaced at dealers
Love the bike, love reading all your posts.

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On the rear axle one is a nut, the other is the bolt head. I found the adjusters seemed backward to me. No big deal, they just didn't do what I expected.
Leaking fork seals doesn't sound good. I too have always had old bikes & have done all my own wrenching. I am after all a mechanic even if it is on cars. As soon as I got my bike to the shop after leaving the Dealership, it had oil all over it. I found a banjo fitting with trash under it, Removed the tank & fixed it myself the same day I bought it. No way is it going back to the Dealer unless something is broke. Took it in for the $180.00 oil change. I had already changed it twice myself. I just wanted it on their books. I will try the valve adjustment myself at first. If I can't do it then I will take it in. I figure I am a better mechanic than they are.
So go to it. I can't see any difference in this bike than any other. Except for the differences.
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On your chain...I believe looser is better and tighter is not good. My dealer's mechanic adjusted mine to 3/4" slack last time in for the valve adjustment. 3/4" is too tight on the bonnies, IMHO--that's the tighter end of where the Speedy and America are set. I keep my chain adjusted (I have only had to adjust it twice in 17000 miles--once was to correct the above mechanic's error) to 1.25".

Suggest you purchase a Triumph Service Manual and/or a Haynes manual and you should be set to "get your feet wet" on the maintenance. :-D Even if you don't do the maintenance, you will want to check things after the "mechanic" does maintenance--for your own safety!

The Triumph service manual says 25-35mm for the Bonny, T100 and Thruxton; 20-30mm for the America and Speedmaster.
Converted to inches that is 1" - 1 3/8" and 0.75" - 1 3/16".
Loose is better as long as it's in spec.

Oh, btw, measured at midpoint on the bottom of the chain. :)

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and check the chain for tight spots so you measure the slack at the tightest point...
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