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Hey friends! So I originally went to post this on the air cooled twins page, but I suppose I need to post on the welcome page before being granted permission to post there. This said - I'm going to lay out my issue here as well!

My 2012 Bonneville SE has been feeling a little laggy for the past day. Especially in first, when I go off the line there seems to be a delay in torque. I am able to get off the line slowly but keeping the throttle in the same position, all of a sudden the power kicks in and gets me to the shift point.

I thought maybe I had a flat or my pressure was low in the back. I checked the pressure and its 33 psi - and theres no indication of a visible flat or puncture.

I then park and I'm off the bike for about 3 hours. I start her up and hop back on only to realize the yellow check engine light did not turn off. I then use the kill switch to shut off the bike, turn the key, and try again. Same thing. I rode home very slowly in case, and the light stayed on the entire 20-ish minute ride.

I'm not sure what the issue could be, but I'm hoping someone out there has seen this or has some ideas!


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Welcome to the forum!

The Air Cooled Twins Talk forum is where you can connect with other Bonneville riders. The folks there will best be able to assist you. Introduce yourself there, post photos of your Bonneville, and join the banter.

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